Poem Up at Mason Street Review’s Community Room


My poem “Dreaming That My Legs Won’t Move, I Think of Debts” is up at Mason Street Review’s Community Room PageI’m grateful to the Newark Public Library and the editors of Mason Street for taking this piece.




20 thoughts on “Poem Up at Mason Street Review’s Community Room

  1. “And all of our losses, fallen like acorns to be gathered and buried for safe keeping in the hours
    when laughter fails and eyes close…” How do you know such things? This is EXACTLY how I fall asleep every night, ignorant of/ignoring the acorns until the pile cannot be ignored any longer when sleep opens the door to their larder. I hate having to “eat” them at night, I’m prone to being upset by them more than constructively using them to fuel my improvement. As always you are the Ascended Master and I remain your student…

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  2. Oh, my – “What blurs / yesterday more than tomorrow?” fascinates (and intimidates!) … reading this after wracking my brain looking for something “put in a good place” on a very recent yesterday. No clues today, and reading this I conclude I might as well abandon thoughts of the location coming into focus tomorrow.

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