Lying in Bed I Think of Breakfast (with recording)



Lying in Bed, I Think of Breakfast

The moon smiles and I lie here thinking
of the simple breakfasts I would cook for
us: sticky rice with scrambled eggs and
sauteed peppers, or toasted boule with bacon
jam and a side of sliced peaches. And coffee.
Always coffee, black and bitter. But circumstance
dictates other courses, other time zones, and you
wake in your city as I walk in mine, an early
shopper plundering the store’s vegetable
bins, wandering the aisles in search of a
bargain and that special ingredient missing
from my tired, inconsolable days.



“Lying in Bed I Think of Breakfast” was published in December 2019 by The Big Windows Review. Thanks to editor Thomas Zimmerman for accepting this piece.


19 thoughts on “Lying in Bed I Think of Breakfast (with recording)

  1. One of the perks of self-quarantining is less rushing to get out the door, to elsewhere … instead, ample time to ponder such matters as breakfast; and later, supper … all the more enjoyable with the right someone close collaborating on ingredients.

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    • There’s not been much rushing here, though I attended Whole Foods’ early shopping hour for seniors yesterday to pick up meal ingredients. There were still no dried beans to be found, alas, but I picked up a nice chuck roast. We’ve enjoyed collaborating on meals – easier than poem collaboration, with less revision. And we get to eat the results! 🙂

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