Fossil Egg


Fossil Egg
The secrets that contain you.

Like what fills
the center of the fossil egg,

a never-developed
word or the crimson bud wormed black.

Repetition lends force to lies but can’t create truth.
The halogen bulb remains dark without electricity
even in the light of day.

But how to enter that space?

The yolk hardened to stone.
A man’s forgotten name.
The unmentioned flower.

Every day looming in possibility.


Fossil Egg first appeared in September 2019 at Recenter Press. Many thanks to the editors for taking these pieces.




11 thoughts on “Fossil Egg

  1. Agreed: “Repetition lends force to lies but can’t create truth.”
    Mystery poem – a fossil egg – preserved but never allowed to hatch into its intended form. We can only guess the conditions that make such occur – for a single fossil egg – for the plethora of lies we all accept as “how it is”. That all is changing does seem a truth, though change may not be soon enough. Will some entity a few thousand years from now stumble on fossilized humans wearing deteriorated remains of masks?

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