Lying in Bed I Think of Breakfast (with recording)



Lying in Bed, I Think of Breakfast

The moon smiles and I lie here thinking
of the simple breakfasts I would cook for
us: sticky rice with scrambled eggs and
sauteed peppers, or toasted boule with bacon
jam and a side of sliced peaches. And coffee.
Always coffee, black and bitter. But circumstance
dictates other courses, other time zones, and you
wake in your city as I walk in mine, an early
shopper plundering the store’s vegetable
bins, wandering the aisles in search of a
bargain and that special ingredient missing
from my tired, inconsolable days.



“Lying in Bed I Think of Breakfast” was published in December 2019 by The Big Windows Review. Thanks to editor Thomas Zimmerman for accepting this piece.


6 thoughts on “Lying in Bed I Think of Breakfast (with recording)

  1. Great recording! Beautiful capture of longing.
    This poem touches me in reflecting love offerings via food. Not a poet, but my husband could’ve had such ponderings. From 2002 when we’d just met, one of my strongest memories is his response to my email telling drummers I’d not be present at that night’s session. I opened his reply “but I made cookies and your name is on one!” and felt my heart flip – I’ve been savoring his cooking ever since – his language of love – offerings ever evolving.

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