Down and Away


Down and Away

How soon we lose the scent
of our first love’s

body, that odor of perfume
over sweat and uncertainty

and the overwhelming surge
into what will never again

be new. You shake yourself
back, wondering

if falling stars could choose
to rise again, whether

they would rejoin the firmament
or simply retreat deeper into the

ocean’s black, cooling, sliding
down and away, slipping

free of regret, evading forever
the sun’s long fingers.



“Down and Away” was first published in August 2019 at Trestle Ties. Many thanks to Juleen Eun Sun Johnson and Aaron Schuman for taking this piece.





16 thoughts on “Down and Away

  1. Well, there can only be one first. I’m most grateful I kept exploring a bit, some might say … but I trusted the tingles that declared THIS ONE a good 40 years past first. No need to explore more. Those tingles continue as we approach 19 years connected (2.5 officially married!)

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  2. Robert – I like this poem very much. I used to follow you way back in the mists of antiquity but the connection somehow got lost in the fog. The poetry readings from the poetry anthology sent me on a search. Glad to be back!

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