Ode to Being Placed on Hold



Ode to Being Placed on Hold

The music rarely
but I find
peace between
the notes,
and embrace
the notion that
I’ve been inserted
in that peculiar
capsule between
speech and the
void, imagining
myself somewhere,
floating, free
of care and
beer can
orbiting my head,
with bites of
pungent cheeses
and baguette
circling in
their wake,
a gift, you see,
like rain in
August or
a warm voice
saying hello.


* * *

“Ode to Being Placed on Hold” was drafted during the Tupelo Press 30-30 marathon in August 2015. Many thanks to Mary “marso” of the blog “marsowords” who sponsored and provided the title. The poem has also appeared here several times.




16 thoughts on “Ode to Being Placed on Hold

  1. Think I’ll print this & keep next to computer … a level set for future holds … your words capture experience I have known rarely but maybe I could cultivate into regularly? The frequency of on-hold suspensions seems to be accelerating … ample opportunities to practice!

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  2. An interesting Conversation with yourself Robert …and I did forward your poem onto an artist/writer
    member of my Geelong Writers Group ..
    Rachel Hanlon, is an artist working within the frame of media archeology. Her works make available many layered metaphors and meanings through reinterpretations of the now obsolete technologies that are heightened by our cultural reliance on them as a part of the narrative of our times. Her interest in pop-culture, film, music and autobiographies add layers of depth to references in her works that use media appropriation as central themes.

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