I Feel the Wind

I Feel the Wind

When evening’s gloom thickens I
rest before your heat. What have
we learned, I ask. Have you heard
via gases weaving their hisses in
your shuddering logs stories of the
people whose bruised voices
no longer register? The burl of
discontent ashes over in the
same way: I feel the wind
but cannot see it. I see the
circumstance but those voices
have felt the brass fists of
memory’s sins. I am my
brother’s keeper, bereft and dim,
starved, lonely. Broken, killed
yet breathing, I await the children.

* * *

“I Feel the Wind” first appeared at The Literary NestIt is a golden shovel poem, a form created by Terrance Hayes, which uses a line (or more) from an existing poem. Each word in the line is used as the end word in a new poem. Thus if you use a ten-word line, the poem will consist of ten lines. You might read this article to learn more about the form.

The source for this piece was “The Mother” by Gwendolyn Brooks. The great Ruby Dee recites it on YouTube. Her vocal performance is stunning!

2 thoughts on “I Feel the Wind

  1. A fine poem on your part, and an interesting form suggested from Hayes. Other visitors, I urge you to click the link to Ruby Dee’s reading. She wrings everything from Brooks poem that could be wrung out of it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I enjoyed attempting the form. Finding the right line from the right poem was a bit challenging, as you might surmise. But I’ve been a fan of the Ruby Dee reading, and decided to use “The Mother.” Gwendolyn Brooks and Ruby Dee – what a combination!


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