Spring Dawn (after Meng Haoran)




This morning I slept through dawn
and the screeching birds, long
after last night’s wild wind and rain.
But who can count the fallen flowers?


The transliteration on Chinese-poems.com reads:


Spring sleep not wake dawn
Everywhere hear cry bird
Night come wind rain sound
Flower fall know how many




This adaptation first appeared on the blog in November 2014.

8 thoughts on “Spring Dawn (after Meng Haoran)

  1. The original was always a favorite and this version quickly joined it. Love your timing since I often remind myself this time of year that in the southern hemisphere it’s spring that’s beginning!

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  2. For some reason I love the idea that a “spring sleep” doesn’t want to “wake” the “dawn.” And the idea of a “flower fall” like a waterfall. But I love your interpretation. So many different ways to combine words and make something beautiful and strange.

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