Looking Ahead He Looks Back


Looking Ahead He Looks Back

Those things we leave behind.
The rooster’s full moon crow
or the blue enameled cast iron pot
bearing the scars of a thousand
meals. Hair on a brush. Harsh
night words and the photos of
a wooden lighthouse from a
discarded life. We choose some,
misplace others. How does a home
curdle within one night’s orbit?
The answer is not your truth. Or mine.
I measure my life in hours lost.


* * *


“Looking Ahead He Looks Back” was first published in Juke Joint, in March 2020.

4 thoughts on “Looking Ahead He Looks Back

  1. Hair left in a brush – you’ve got me looking back, reminded of my miss – to save a lock of my son’s hair. He’d kept it incredibly short for years, but let it grow to cover his surgical scar (top of head) – several times sitting with him before the very end I’d have the urge to snip off a curl. Might’ve distressed him, so didn’t mention it. And at the very end, my focus was swooped up by invading distractions. (I did take photos …)

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