Beer Bottle Suizen

Beer Bottle 

Beer Bottle Suizen

No rules apply here. I blow
into the empty bottle and achieve
silence. Tilting it, I adjust my mouth’s
shape and blow across the glass lip,
receiving a flicker of tone in return.
Repeat. More of the same. Discarding
the vessel, I open another, drink deeply.
Become the emptying.

* * *

Note: Suizen (blowing zen) is the practice of playing the shakuhachi (traditional Japanese bamboo flute) to attain self-realization.

“Beer Bottle Suizen” first appeared in Subterranean Blue in March 2020.

14 thoughts on “Beer Bottle Suizen

  1. Ah, this is timely inspiration — now I know how I’ll spend a certain amount of my first day of retirement, which begins this Saturday. 😌 It was a bittersweet and financially scary decision but the body knows best. Maybe next I’ll decide which flute will lend itself best to the future… Cheers!

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    • I retired seven years earlier than planned. As I told my boss, I didn’t think that I would lie on my deathbed wishing that I’d created another spreadsheet. That decision was fairly easy. My body, in the form of a heart attack, told me to change. I’m so glad that I listened.

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