The End of Something


The End of Something

I would never pin this silence
to a board, but her anger tempers
sunset, and my response remains
contained. The paper stars
I nailed to the bookcase rustle
when the door opens. She
swallows wine, I sip tea
and offer no explanations.



“The End of Something”  first appeared in Volume 3 of Lamplit Underground. Thank you, Janna Grace, for taking these pieces.

Lamplit Underground is a beautifully illustrated publication. Please take a look!


7 thoughts on “The End of Something

  1. It’s Leonard Cohen’s 5th anniversary of his passing, and here is a quote for your poem Robert …
    ” When things get really bad, just raise your glass and stamp your feet and do a little jig. That’s about all you can do.” … Leonard Cohen

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  2. The vibrations I sense in this poem are a bit frightening … like I’ve been both parties in this scene and can’t quite recall which, when. Yikes. Two very human “portraits” for sure. (Do you still have those stars? Curious about their story … maybe another poem I’ve yet to read?)

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    • I lived with those vibrations for a long time, but finally made changes. The stars, or at least some of them, now hang in Stephanie’s office. There’s no real story behind the stars. I saw them in a shop, and took them home with me.

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