Uh, I’ve Won a Prize?




I’m delighted to report that my poem “My Mother’s Ghost Looks Away When I Say Her Father’s Name” has been awarded the 2021 riverSedge Poetry Prize.

Many thanks to editor-in-chief José Antonio Rodríguez and the staff of riverSedge for taking this and several other pieces over the past few years. You may find it interesting that the poem had been rejected eleven times before landing at riverSedge. Such is life in poetry. Persistence is key…


29 thoughts on “Uh, I’ve Won a Prize?

  1. What’s never shared forever haunts those left behind. Questions refuse to stop reseeding themselves. And till we too are gone, we keep wondering …
    Great “attitude” in this: somehow I think he would endorse my inabilities, and if we should meet, I’ll ask.
    I see riverSedge has another of your Mother’s Ghost poems also …
    Congrats on the prize!

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  2. I love this RO, it is a prize-worthy poem and cheers to persistence! I’m always tempted to revise a “failed” work into something else before sending it out into the world again, but I’m starting to dig in my heels more and trust I just haven’t found the right home for it yet…

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    • Thanks, Sunshine. I’ve learned (well, mostly), to trust my instincts and NOT rework a poem to death, and simply resubmit it until it finds a home. There are those pieces that do indeed need work, but I’ve gotten better at identifying those. Still, it’s a crapshoot. 😉

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