I make dashi with water, dried bonito and seaweed,
and maybe a few drops of soy sauce for added flavor.

A simple broth, assembled by hand to enhance, a
concept mislaid in this pre-packaged world.

Today I have blown three notes through the shakuhachi,
each one separate, but all gathered under one roof

for no tangible purpose, released to entropy
and the drops coalescing on the window.

We never know what stew will result from the day’s
efforts, whose lips will force air through which root

end. I close my eyes and imagine the second note’s
shape, how it bells over raindrops to absorb

their sound, bending into the third note spiraling up
and away from my hands, my eyes, my breath.

* * *

“Dashi” and “Inheritance” first appeared in The Closed Eye Open, a publication focusing on consciousness. Many thanks to editors Daniel A. Morgan, Maya Highland and Aaron Lelito for taking this piece.

10 thoughts on “Dashi

  1. I’m under the weather, just read this, and decided to make dashi and drink it slowly. All the ingredients are here, and now I have the recipe. Thank you. 🙂

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  2. Hi Bob! Long time no message! I have been meaning to make dashi for weeks now. I bought some shiro miso intending to make my own miso soup then discovered there are whole other ingredients I need that I do not have. For such a simple broth, recipes I have come across online seem pretty complicated (or just verbose and full of memoir haha).

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