Fifty-Word Review: Greenhouses, Lighthouses by Tung-Hui Hu

Tung-Hui Hu’s Greenhouses, Lighthouses highlights lyrical precision in poems that bounce between such diverse launching points as photographic sequences, Euripedes, union slogans, woodcuts and even an historical seaman’s guide. His language placates and challenges, whispers, cajoles and insinuates, and overflows with layered possibilities and nuance. You must read his work.


6 thoughts on “Fifty-Word Review: Greenhouses, Lighthouses by Tung-Hui Hu

  1. sounds groovy! thanks for the tip. i also recommend the poetry of jeffrey harrison. he’s one of my favorite poets, although his work can be hard to find. as i recall, he does have a website. thanks also for liking my latest post, senor.


  2. loved this enchanting 50 words review–encapsulating the varied dimensions of the poems and talking about their lyrical and linguistic aspects with such precision! Waiting to read more!


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