Recording of My Poem “Rainforest Bridge” on Four Ties Lit Review

Four Ties Lit Review has posted my recording of “Rainforest Bridge.”

The published version differs just a tad from my original. I don’t believe the difference affects the poem greatly, but if you’re interested in form and how it may help to shape a reading, here’s a pdf with the intended formatting:

Rain Forest Bridge 051814


11 thoughts on “Recording of My Poem “Rainforest Bridge” on Four Ties Lit Review

  1. Very cool to hear your voice reading this poem. In many cases hearing a poet read his or her own work can be disappointing, or at least create a necessary transition period where you have to reconcile the poet’s actual voice with the voice you have heard inside your head for so long. (This happened to me when I first heard a recording of W.S. Merwin reading his poetry.) On the other side of things, sometimes hearing a poet read his own work expands the work–I feel this way about A.R. Ammons’s work. I love to hear the sound of Archie reading his own poetry, mostly because his voice seems to contain the wonder of discovery within the poem as if he were just having that epiphany for the first time. All that to say that I got a lot out of hearing you read this poem, which I’ve read myself a few times–your voice slowed down the vertical drop, suspended the enjambment enough but not too much, made a difference. Very nice.


    • It probably doesn’t hurt that I read these aloud while writing. By the time a poem is done, I’ve performed it for myself many times. Of course this means I don’t often write in public spaces…


    • I’m not quite sure how to explain it, but the words must feel right in my mouth, and the only way to gauge the proper mouthfeel is to read the poems aloud. This could make me a difficult person to live with…


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