In Praise of Time


In Praise of Time

We marvel that so much
produces only
more of the same,

increased yet
diminished, no two
alike yet never

differing, earth to
soil, glacier to rain,
stardust to morning,

open, filled, wasted,
lost, killing, preserving,
making more, wanting.


54 thoughts on “In Praise of Time

  1. Nice – Time the great myth to make us believe in all this Maya magic – the great game played by the greatest addict gamer ( pardon me Sir) where as Omar khyyam said – He moves and mates and slays and one by one in the closet lays.


  2. Praise, eh? πŸ™‚ A beautiful poem, Robert, transcendent and timeless in and of and despite itself and the constrictions of the electronic medium. I was just re-reading a little of Eliot’s Four Quartets, and right off the bat in “Burnt Norton,” he begins with “time present and time past” and likens them to being one entity and, possibly (he hedges his wager, I guess), both exist in time future, making time unredeemable. Time is a fascinating entity and conundrum that you have bottled up nicely here for our imbibing!


  3. I’m getting the sense, after reading some of your work, that you manipulate the flow of your lines to suit the subject matter perfectly. In this one, you almost get a sense of the unrelenting, machine-like forward push of time.

    Another great one.


  4. It’s amazing how you can get to the heart of a complex concept such as time with just a few graceful lines and words, like the strokes of a paintbrush, yet the picture is whole. It’s lovely.


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