Untitled from 1988


This first appeared in 1988, in Aileron. At the time I was experimenting with movement and breath and line, and wrote quite a few of these meditations in this form, some more successful than others.

where breath begins
it ends consider
light its secret

structure the sense
of limit defined
if a hand

recalls what the
eye cannot which
is the source

of remembrance one
touches more deeply
or allows itself

to be touched
a difference only
in the approach


17 thoughts on “Untitled from 1988

  1. beautiful – the question, if to choose would one be with sight or touch – mutually exclusive – nature has devised touch without sight – the snail who is doing fine – but dared not create sight without touch – wonder why – or probably it has in another realm – the soiritual where angels see but cannot touch.

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  2. Wow. I’m only a year older than this poem LOL. I love your lack of punctuation or consideration for grammar in this piece. Really turns it into a natural stream of consciousness, while the breaks add all the structure it needs.

    Beautiful flow, beautiful insight, beautiful work.

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