Hummingbird (3)


Hummingbird (3)

Arriving from nowhere,
its mouth opens

but what escapes
comes not from within

and is never complete.
Words, too, falter

in this space,
struggling to remain

aloft, challenged yet free,
an exchange

between air and wing,
of sound and thought,

occurring as it must
without design

or desire, simply
there, then gone,

a presence one notices
in its absence.


56 thoughts on “Hummingbird (3)

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  2. Another magician’s trick from a Master Necromancer! My favorite lines — “Whose woods these are/I think I know/His house is…no…wait! Wrong poem! Sorry. πŸ™‚



    • A hummingbird used to fly up and sit on the fence in the summer while I was watering. After a while I gave it a quick spray. Oh, did it love that! it would shake off, and then fly up to me, land back on the fence and wait. I’d hit it with another blast of water and it would hold its wings out! I’d never experienced anything like that before

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  3. I don’t get emails from you, but I’m following you. This is the first I’ve seen of your site, and I like it!
    BTW, I never had any use for birds until I bought a parakeet off some guy who had it in a filthy cage on the front seat of his scrody, overfilled ashtray of a truck. Birds have huge spirit and personality. This bird gave me much enjoyment in the ten years he lived. Have taught my dog to respect birds.

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