Requiem II


Requiem II

To say what becomes: this word
bends in the wind of our

breath. Is this too simple to
say? Our bodies gather yet retain

nothing. Numbers, phrases, the way
the ocean rolls. Once I saw
a whale at dusk. Or rather I saw its

tail part the water and disappear
into darkness, an answer too complex
and sweet for tongues to comprehend.

But waves seldom explain. Imagine
something nearby but beyond reach.

Think of clouds and shrines, consider light.


38 thoughts on “Requiem II

  1. Enjoyed reading this poem. I liked the way you broke up your phrases, leaving the reader dangling, but also making them contemplate the word in its context and on its on merit. Thanks for sharing.


  2. “Our bodies gather but retain nothing” is pure poetry. It reminds me of the voice in Ecclesiastes. It is also a poem that hints at natural translations: whales into darkness and clouds into light, for example. Cheers

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  3. There is so much implied here. And yet the poem itself can barely capture it all. Not that the poem needs to, but how does a poem create space? This line alone: Our bodies gather yet retain nothing. The Two Truths.

    Imagine something nearby but beyond reach.

    Your hidden tulku: apparent, yet unnamed.

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    • Thank you, Gary. Specific images often imply possibilities beyond the immediate context, which can lend space to the text’s framework. Or at least that’s my hope with these pieces. I do appreciate the tulku reference!


  4. My wife and I were discussing our core beliefs yesterday, and we were surprised to find that we had gradually come into agreement over the span of 30 years of marriage. We both have a background in science, and have trouble believing the traditional stories with which we grew up, but still have had experiences that gave us a glimpse of another level of meaning. Your line about the whale, the communication that can’t be understood, reminded me of those glimpses.

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  6. Our bodies gather yet retain

    nothing. Numbers, phrases, the way
    the ocean rolls.

    So very true and with the aged more so. At the peak of our knowledge it feels exponentially faster..trickling away with nothing more than we had at birth.

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