Question: what is air if not
the means by which we

see and feel? Sound creates only
itself, another version of the original

sense. I move from shadows to a deeper
darkness, hoping to find that point where absence
ends. But there is no end, only

continuation, a cry for those
who offer their hands in ambiguity. Sometimes
a cardinal’s call fills our

morning with questions. So
little of all we touch
is felt. We are the air. The air is.

18 thoughts on “Cardinal

  1. There are so many things which grab me here. Cardinals and red-winged blackbirds are the ones I listen for all the time; for whatever reason, they attract me more than any other birdsong. This has been true of the cardinal since I was a young child. The “hands offered in ambiguity” and the concept of so much of what we touch not being felt strike chords in me. As a blind person, I am often amazed at what people are not aware of when they touch things, nuances not noticed. People believe not seeing is one of the worst things which could happen, but I find that sighted people, in broad terms of course, miss so very much. The air being the vehicle for what we see and feel is so ripe with layers of meaning, with so much depth and shape.

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  2. I am always impressed with your masterful use of enjambment, something that I feel awkward attempting in my own Poetry. I have been meaning to tell you that for a while. Nice piece, Robert. As always.

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