Whose voice lingers
among the gathered stones,

raised then lowered as if
to ensnare followers?

This is not the issue.
Nor should we speak of paper

shuddering in the wind
and the dense glare of shovels

in the night underfoot.
Pray that the road continues

beyond the next curve
or increment of time.

Trust in motion,
the reticence of trees.

paper leaf

This has been moldering in a folder for the past thirty years. I have no idea what originally sparked it.

26 thoughts on “Boxcar

  1. I just love the that you saved this. Like a faceted gem it will trigger different memories and inspirations from each face. I love trains for a lot of reasons, I really resonate with this one Robert.

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  2. There is just something so romantic about trains. Even freight trains conjure an image of long cross country travel. The idea of sitting in a boxcar, the door ajar with the landscape rushing by… I guess I should’ve been a hobo! Anyway, really love this!

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