Nights at the Magdalene Laundry


Nights at the Magdalene Laundry

Waiting, as if it could
be foreseen, as if influence and love
and truth could ease into the conversation,

she pours water into the night’s
mouth. A little longer, says the voice,
and the wind bends the grass,

reaching, without apprehension, a conclusion.

Which is not to claim verity, nor the patience of stone
crumbling along the ledge.

She leaves when nothing remains.


48 thoughts on “Nights at the Magdalene Laundry

  1. The poem opens itself to various readings. I am struck by the line “as if influence and love
    and truth could ease into the conversation,” I find this brings in a note of sadness and melancholy, which actually seems to permeate the poem in different ways. The implication of that conditional is, “no, none of that can actually ‘ease into the conversation,'” Great pathos here!

    Jim Valero

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Jim. The conditional, and the accompanying implications, are powerful tools to express without telling. I’m a proponent of implication, of allowing readers to fill in the blanks.


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