Two Poems in the Inaugural Edition of MockingHeart Review


I’m delighted to have two poems appearing in the inaugural edition of MockingHeart Review. Many thanks to editor Clare Martin for her efforts in assembling this publication.


68 thoughts on “Two Poems in the Inaugural Edition of MockingHeart Review

  1. Bob,
    Congratulations on your publication in Mockingheart Review! May 2016 be a continual discovery of the connections that bind us together in the fellowship of poets.
    I am blessed to call you my friend and fellow poet!

    May the New Year bring you peace, love, and joy —


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  2. Oh, just realized by clicking on the link that your poems are up now! Very beautiful, poignant, heart-centered…they asked me to be still, to fall into them, I was moved.

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  3. Congratulations Bob! I was particularly moved by the final paragraph of the second poem. Is it called a paragraph in poetry? I recognise the print behind you in the pic too! My partner’s sister has it in her lounge room.

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    • I don’t consider an acceptance to be “real” until it’s been published (too many acceptances have died untimely deaths with their publications), so I’ll say it ‘s a good start to the new year.


  4. What a fantastic way to start the New Year. Congratulations. looking forward to your new posts.
    On a personal note, how to send poems for publication to Mockingheart or other sites. I am a novice to the world of blogging and was nervous to ask this question before.

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    • Thank you. Most publications have “submit” tabs on their sites, where they’ll provide instructions. Many take submissions only through Submittable, while others ask for them via email or even snail mail. Some don’t mind looking at pieces that have appeared on personal blogs or FB, others won’t consider looking at anything that has appeared elsewhere in print or online. Read their instructions carefully and you’re on your way. Feel free to ask me questions anytime.


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