I am Brahma
the straight line, the upright being,

fire that flares,
seed without end, manifold

self beyond all
polarity, radiating sun:
the all.

Philosophers considered one a non-number,
generatrix of all that follows.


The singularity. The lone.

From the Indo-European oi-qos we achieve solitude,
while the collective meaning of one derives from the Sanskrit sam.

United in itself, it changes nothing,
becoming everything.

On its side it represents the horizon.

Alone is all-one.
The Latin non is one negated, as is the German nein.

Symbol of intellect, the Hindu moon glows wide.
Atomic number of hydrogen, magician’s numeral,

monad and eccentric, I bear the empty product.

one on side

37 thoughts on “One

  1. Very impressive! My name and my pseudonym both are derivatives of Sanskrit. But that’s not the point here.
    I’m truly fascinated by this piece. Need to read at least thrice to delve into the profundity of this one to be able to come up with some insight. 🙂

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  2. That is a belting first line. i think i learned more about science from the upanishads than any science book: it is the humility of realizing not so much the limitation of thought, but rather the purpose of it; why do we need to know the constituents of matter or the mechanics of the universe. it is essentially a useless thing. It just is.

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