Truchas (Elevation 8,000 Feet)


Truchas (Elevation 8,000 Feet)

these stairs,

I resemble
a trout

in dry air,

another gasp
and a ratcheting

heart rate, up,
out, and through

that opening,
into the pale glow.


37 thoughts on “Truchas (Elevation 8,000 Feet)

  1. Yep, I was like a trout at 14 000 feet in Peru – Deadwoman’s Pass nearly got it, and the bit after that and the bit after that….. then, wow! It sure was worth it, but I couldn’t do that now…. it was only about 8 years ago and now, as you know, the stairs are a problem! Ours are outside to come in, like a fire escape, so no way of making it easier.

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  2. Thanks for liking my poem about undying love of a mother. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your poems and particularly related to this one about climbing stairs – I’ll no longer place items at the bottom of my stairs to avoid making the trip up them as I’ll think of those climbing stairs in a much higher altitude… Thanks – it’ll help with my weight loss journey!

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