leaf on stone

Ikebana (You without You)

Between frames, between presence and negation, authority.

If your body lies in the earth, why are you here?

Limits admired and sought: the way of the flower.

I pluck leaves from the lower half to achieve balance.

Shape and line detach, yet comprise the whole.

My father, awake in his chair, mourns quietly.

A naked twig forms one point of the scalene triangle.

Starkness implies silence, resonates depth.

Heaven, earth, man, sun and moon invoke your absence.

As you trickle through the interval’s night.

* * *

Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arrangement.


40 thoughts on “Ikebana

  1. is the father mourning because the flowers have been taken from their soil? i’m guessing so. it upsets me when i see people without a thought pluck a flower as if they have some claim to it. especially when it is just to give to a girlfriend who sniffs it once & tosses it.
    i like where you went with the emotion in this poem, it is balanced like the act of arranging, coming in from different perspectives on the act.

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  2. I like to think I know why I want to remain here; more yes than no; sometimes it’s a close call; for me, the side plots are gripping, sticky like the sap from the forest around. Thanks for this. The chair is a brilliant touch.

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  4. I am familiar with ikebana. I think of it as a very deliberate effort to arrange living flowers and leaves who show us our own impermanence. I love this poem!


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