Self-Portrait with Bruise


Self-Portrait with Bruise

Some damages announce, others conceal.
How else may we continue

despite our best
inattentions? And which treasure
do we truly hold

closer, the blood orange
or the blade
that parts its segments? At

thirty I would have chosen
one. At forty, the other. Now,
options spread like branches among the cedars.

Ruptured vessels reveal our lapses.


This first appeared in Shadowtrain.


31 thoughts on “Self-Portrait with Bruise

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve become used to speedreading on the internet because there is so much to read out there. Thanks for giving me the occasion to slow down and savour your poems.

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  2. I love your enigmatic writing style, which, on the other hand, always has an answer to the puzzle between the lines! I didn’t take long to decide which item I’d choose in this one! πŸ˜‰ … can so relate! A big well done, like always!

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