The right has only one option,
as is true of the left,

neither to mingle
nor disappear like washed socks

or loved ones in a casino.
There are those who believe

in fallen towers and pasts
burnished beyond recognition,

and truth, as it was written, for them,
in blood, with money inherited

from thieves. The puddle happens.
The door rotates. A snifter shatters.

The shoe’s approach defines its wearer.

cactus shoe

46 thoughts on “Shoe

  1. Luv the images.

    I think our shoes can tell alot of stories…like walls can. Our shoes can take us forward or backward…those are options.

    Maybe we should put our wedding slippers in framed boxes. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Carrie. My favorite footwear varies upon the occasion. Right now I’m wearing a worn out pair of loafers, which are fine for lounging around but not for much else. But it’s raining and I’ll get wet between the short path from the house to my shack, and a little water/mud can’t hurt these old things.


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