April 15 Tupelo Press Poetry Reading

30 30 Reading
Celebrate Tax Day with poetry! Featured readers include Christine Beck, Katy Chrisler, D.G. Geis, Robert Okaji, Pamela Paek, D. Ellis Phelps and Ronnie K. Stephens.


25 thoughts on “April 15 Tupelo Press Poetry Reading

  1. Reblogged this on Leigh's Wordsmithery and commented:
    The inimitable poet Robert Okaji and a few literary friends are providing some enlightenment on April 15; if you’re in the States, you’ll probably want all the light you can get that dread day! Check them out if you’re in the Texas neck o’ the woods. #poetry #amreading #NationalPoetryMonth #NPM16

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    • Thanks for reblogging this, Leigh. Just back from the rural property – a weekend of hauling brush, dying cell phones, depleted propane tanks and other worries. It’s good to be home to my urban shack. 🙂


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