Poem Swallowing Itself


Poem Swallowing Itself

Reading aloud—
people turn their heads
and step back, never

imagining what lies behind,
expecting neither snakes
nor bear traps nor other ambush.

Beginning where one ends, or
continuing a conversation
over decades, the truth

rises then subsides,
like soaring vultures or
cubes in scotch whiskey.

Measuring volume by
glance, the poem shivers,
opens its mouth wide.


32 thoughts on “Poem Swallowing Itself

  1. Lots of great images to make this poem move. Lots of surprises, and I enjoy the play on words between “reading aloud” and “measuring volume”. Who’d have thought a poem could be personified?

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  3. The ourobourous idea floating behind your words hints at the act of division of word and drink is Creation (opposites divided) finally re-united in the Divine… supposedly.

    Word and drink reunited in your stomach and mind brings forth yet more words; you are the crucible in which the liquid and the concept pool and consolidate!

    Personally, I think there is nothing better for poesy than a one dollar notebook and a few ounces of 10 year old cask strength Laphroaig!

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  4. Deserves a place on RO’s Greatest Hits album. –Sorry, I meant double album. Maybe even boxed set CD collection with extensive liner notes? It rocks, at any rate. Ice cubes and vultures will pretty much float together in my mind for awhile, now.

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