Roof Charm


Roof Charm

What is home if not exile to the familiar?

A serrated kiss at the closet door.

We duck our heads and cook meals undercover,
the sun’s rays deflected.

And every relentless     day finds
our hands     wanting.

The black shawl, unfolded.
Wax melted on the whetstone.

You say stars shiver despite their light.

You say one hand      mirrors its mate’s      arc.

I say warmth flows through you, the roof     our sky.


57 thoughts on “Roof Charm

  1. I think you must have some kind of poet’s angel turning up those pictures to match your words so well. The picture made me think in one direction and the words were an unexpected pleasure going the other way. It came round to the picture again in a nice Aaahhh moment. Really liked it.

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    • Oh, I generally do a keyword search of some sort – sometimes an abstract theme, sometimes something visual. It’s great fun to find a photo that clicks, no matter that it doesn’t match the words of the poem.


  2. I find I’m often trying to navigate a balance between experiencing the comforts of home and the wonderful unexpected that often arises when out in nature under the sky. As usual your words evoke a good measure of self-reflection. Thank you!

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      • Well, then, I hope you are taking full advantage of what the urban life can offer — unlimited high speed internet, art, great restaurants . . . From your writings, however, I feel that hints of nature’s wild run in your veins, or at least through your muse.

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      • The work of maintaining a rural property has become tedious. It’s always been time-consuming, but in the past few years, I’ve wanted to concentrate on writing. So we’re letting go… And yes, the urban life can offer much. Good and interesting ingredients with which to cook, art, fine food and drink. But you’re right, the muse seems to see better through a wilder lens. 🙂


  3. A very heartfelt poem…..I think. I especially loved the first line…….the first line itself was so entrancing. Even though I’m 12, and I didn’t understand the poem that much, still, I believe the message got through them. Its a beautiful work of poetry blended with the artistic photography.

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