The thought makes
trembling so

incomplete, a consequence
of knowledge attained. I look out

and see leaves flitting in the dusk,
the air closing around them

like the mouth of an old well
swallowing light. Such

hunger we find difficult
to comprehend. The wind shivers

through our lives and repeats itself,
though differently each time.

Every departure is a return.

“Hummingbird” made it’s first appearance on the blog in December 2014. I wrote it in the 1980s, probably between 1987-1989.


52 thoughts on “Hummingbird

  1. So much to admire in this one, Bob….even the blank spaces…where ALL of the great poets hide their best magic.

    Call me soon? Yeah. I know…we just hung up a few minutes ago…but it seems like forever. *g*


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    • Thank you. Yes, I have a chapbook, a micro-chapbook, and a chapbook-length work included in an anthology. You can find more information about them on my publications page. I also have two other chapbooks, another micro-chapbook, and a full-length book circulating out in the publishing world. Who knows if they’ll ever see the light of day?


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  3. Namaskaram Robert, Nevermind that you did not physically take the hummingbird pictures, in my mind you did – you found them on a site! They are beautiful – I am using the first one right now as my screensaver for today and your incredibly moving poem I have printed off and is now stuck on the wall next to my PC. I lived for a long time in West Africa and right outside our private study window, facing my desk, was the Hummingbird’s “lets all get together” place. You can imagine, not much work was done – just watching them for some time took my thoughts away from any possible problems/troubles. Thank you for sharing this with us. Carina

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