51 thoughts on “Two Poems Up on Bindlestiff

  1. i’ve read Human Distance before. it has a satisfying envoi: the poem is fragmented & complex, but when that envoi comes along we realize that all human considerations are complex & fragmentary, they have as you say “no scale” which could terrify us, or we could just accept the blows & brushes as they come & keep plowing on, keep guessing, keep seeking heavenly forms, looking for the absent life we may have just misplaced in a coin purse or elsewhere..
    As for “what is the longitude of grace?” i keep turning something up & then everything changes & i forget or lose it, distances between me n’ that then that n’this, then then n’ this & crikey i don’t know where my hands begin & end after a while.

    i am fond of the turn in I’ll Turn But… there is a blog dedicated to the poetic turn, structureandsurpise.wordpress.com, i think the essays on there will be right up your alley Robert. there are dolphin turns & all manner hinged on but, yet, O, then etc, & Robert has given us the culinary turn. i like to think my poems give a stomach turn.

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  2. Congratulations. I went over and read your work and I really enjoyed I’ll Turn but Clouds Appear. Human Distance felt introspective, almost absentminded yet consious of what “he” was doing. I can see “his” eyebrows pulling together as an answer was trying to be reached.

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