34 thoughts on “My Poem, “Waiting for the Windshield on the Freeway” is Featured on Algebra of Owls

  1. That’s WONDERFUL news, Robert! I’m not surprised, however. Your poetry is so damned beautiful that they’d be stupid not to feature it. I have derived so much pleasure from reading your poetry since being introduced to it early this summer. Though I don’t comment often, you can be assured that I am reading it in my WordPress reader (I’m a follower). And I know you follow my work, too, and “like” it fairly often. I do check these things. You did so just the other day, in fact. Thank you for following me, and thank you for the “likes”. The go a long way in keeping me motivated. Anyone liking my writing is a boon to me, and I appreciate everyone who follows me and either comments or likes. I’ll try to comment more often. I know how much pleasure can be got from reading comments on our work. And I’d like to give back some of the pleasure you give me. With that said, I sign off again. Until the next time, AuthorDarren.

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      • Hi Robert, please don’t think I was trolling for comments! Not at all the case. I was just commenting, and sometimes, when I do, I ramble a bit. I just love your poetry and felt the need to tell you. That’s all. Something simple. The honest, unappropriated truth.

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