Palinode (soubasse)


Palinode (soubasse)

In the land of two-dollar mornings, those things
we barely sense take precedence: uncaressed
skin sheathed in ivy, the punctuation mark diverting
power. Insidious corn, the cries of distressed trees
(cavitation in the xylem), soubasse, the ghost note,
prickling from below. Singularity. The appointee’s
hubris. The defining weight of a zero’s center.


A zero’s center defines emptiness, meaning nothing,
or, diverted light, a vacuum. Regard plenum: an air-filled
space, or a complete gathering of a legislative body. And
how did we arrive here from there? From the body we
compose units of measure: an ell, digit, fathom, the mile’s
thousand paces. I expose film to light, concealing yet
establishing a rational point.


Concealing the point implies position without extension,
a moment shedding its cracked sheath and giving rise
to the divine: above, below, male and female, hot or
cold. Reconciliation. A plateau. The still place linking the
infinite to the open hand, limitless black. Burning, I
calculate oxidation and dispersal, tendrils, a flaxen leaf,
its proposition to endings.


This first appeared, in slightly different form, in ditch, in January 2014.



41 thoughts on “Palinode (soubasse)

  1. I will return to this one repeatedly, Bob, as in reading it initially I felt as I typically do with your work: So rich, so textured, so deserving of further attention and contemplation. Beautiful.

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  4. Your writing has such an unreal energy, it takes me right into meditation. For kicks I did a split screen on my computer and juxtaposed these paragraphs to pictures from the Voynich Manuscript. They only heighten the aura of mystery.

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  5. My head hurts but I’ll re- read till more than just individual words make sense (it’s me, not you Bob). Regardless, it has pulled in to care enough to want to think it over . May I please have an extension to allow the concealed points to be revealed? 😊

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