Mole (Pipian)


Mole (Pipian)

Always the search beneath texture,
layers captured in subsidence,
the drift to interpretation: a mixture, meaning

sauce, and its journey from seed to mouth,
the careful blend of herb and fire,

dismembered chiles,
the crushed and scorched fruit
rendered to preserve for consumption
the most tender qualities

and their enhancement towards art.


This is of course not about the mammal with the subterranean lifestyle, but rather a version of the Mexican sauce, pronounced “mo-lay,” which includes, as a main ingredient, pumpkin seeds. It takes a while to put together, but is well worth the effort.

“Mole (Pipian)” made its first appearance here in February 2015.


36 thoughts on “Mole (Pipian)

  1. Molé is so different from region to region in Mexico, and as individualized as every cook is unique. What I love about the sauce is the love that goes into it. The pelotas ground in a mochahete take on the flavor of every spice ever ground there.
    Dude, you are such a foodie! and I like that about you. Nice piece.

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  2. I’ve never tried molé but I am curious about it. One of my friends who loves it compared the flavor to spicy chocolate. I had no idea about the pumpkin seeds.

    Once again you’ve turned something mundane into poetry. You’re really good at that.

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  3. heheheh, dismembered chiles and it being finally fall or oncoming Halloween/All souls Day soon enough 😀 why not ask the poet man if we’ve some coursing metaphor “jaguar’s blood?” Cracklin’ Rosy is of course a hint within a song.

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