My Poem “On the Burden of Flowering” Is Up On Panoply


I thought I’d repost this as it was given short shrift during the frenzy of the 30/30 Challenge in August.

Many thanks to editors Andrea, Jeff and Ryn for including my poem “On the Burden of Flowering” in the current issue of Panoply, another of my favorite poetry journals. I’m thrilled that they were able to take this piece.

24 thoughts on “My Poem “On the Burden of Flowering” Is Up On Panoply

  1. One of these days I am just going to disappear, probably just like many of your readers who just come and go. But I would like to spread the cheer and say thank you for a wonderful year or so reading your words, R J Okaji. Take Care! Bruce S.

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  2. them Panoplians love you over there.
    the evasiveness in this poem is interesting, by which i mean the opening line, what is that wren surrendering to? the burden of flowering? if so, what is the burden of flowering? o so many questions. i wrote something similar about the gossamer nature of clouds in Culvert. maybe we are influencing each other subconsciously.
    i was wondering if i could get your email Robert, if you aren’t comfortable submitting it to public view please email me at

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