My “Moving” Poem is Up on Silver Birch Press


This, too, was overlooked during the frenzy of the 30/30 Challenge in August, so I’m reposting it.

My poem, “Summer 1966: After France & Remembering Bobby, Who One Day Would Learn to Multiply and Divide, Write Love Poems, Define Home, Fight Unfairly and
Live with as Much Gusto as a 7-Year Old. Perhaps.” is featured on The Silver Birch Press “When I Moved” series.

This is a reworked version of a piece that originally appeared on the blog Holistic Journey.

15 thoughts on “My “Moving” Poem is Up on Silver Birch Press

  1. You have done so well for yourself, Robert – congrats! I am wondering how to get started, if I have what it takes – fear I am a little too late for new beginnings – am awed by your successes. (Pardon the rambling)

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  2. Are you still “a self-described military brat”as indicated in the “About Author” section, Robert. You seem like an anti-war, human compassionist from your poetry . . . . but perhaps one plays on the other.

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