Refusal Charm


Refusal Charm

Every rock a precept —
a fist in a garden of palms

a skull is a skull
she says

and I am        no iris

overnight the green beetles
have learned flight

now they lumber
into windows

bright asteroids        falling

I prefer other voices
in the lantana        or dirt

mounded in grids
asking        may I come out

no      it is late      too late


7 thoughts on “Refusal Charm

  1. “a fist in a garden of palms” — Perhaps the best line of depth (and accompanying bouquet of images) ever, and it manages to incorporate a pun (or at least a double-entendre word), internal alliteration, and multiple philosophical allusions! If I may borrow a term, a charming and enchanting poem. Yay, Bob!

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  2. the economy of

    overnight the green beetles
    have learned flight

    is just lovely. so much time, so much passed & all in ten syllables. i would speak this line to typhoon Chaba that is here & rattling bamboo & i am sure it would charm angry Chaba into milk calm. it will consider the progress of a green beetles flight, sigh for the whipping up of its ire & subside it. then the fishermen can go out & make a few (s)quid.

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