My Poem (and recording) “Driving without Radio” is up at Split Rock Review



My poem “Driving without Radio” is up at Split Rock Review. And there’s a recording of it, as well. Many thanks to editor Crystal Gibbins for providing a home for this one.

30 thoughts on “My Poem (and recording) “Driving without Radio” is up at Split Rock Review

  1. A great Thanksgiving poem — I’m grateful for those misfiled memories! I also enjoyed the very slight differences in the poems, spoken and written. Both versions are grand; the text is just a little tighter.

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  2. So, what you’re saying, is that I’m not the only one who skips these grooves, so to speak? The day before yesterday, I was in a misfiled place while driving, and instead of just missing an exit or two on the freeway, as is customary for me, I missed an entire freeway — passed the junction for I-84 E and headed South on I-5, ultimately ending up closer to my starting point than to my destination, and causing my kids to miss an appointment. We’re talking, a 25-mile misfire… My kids think I’m hilarious and not a little bit terrifying, and it’s no wonder that they’re afraid of learning to drive!

    Anyhow, I LOVE this piece, and the reassurance it offers that we were made to operate on autopilot exactly so we won’t miss our lost friends’ greetings from the trees. Brilliant.

    Congratulations on placing this masterpiece!

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