My Poem, “To the Light Entering the Shack One December Evening,” is Up at Shantih


My Poem, “To the Light Entering the Shack One December Evening,” is up at Shantih. Many thanks to editor David L. White for including me among these pages.



34 thoughts on “My Poem, “To the Light Entering the Shack One December Evening,” is Up at Shantih

  1. Beautiful poem, Bob! Love “You are not death, but its closest friend” among other lines. Much to consider in the spaces between and at the end of lines – where the light gathers.

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  2. That’s some [nice & literary] shack you’ve got, Bob! ๐Ÿ™‚ I pictured almost a shed with perhaps broken pots and bits of scrap wood and sawhorses and such. At least, that’s our shack/shed. But it’s too dark and dusty (and freezing) for me to write there. And no window, urgh. At least give me a field of grass to look at.
    . . . Oh, you master of irony and understatement!

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    • I must admit that it is a well-appointed shack, complete with air conditioning and heat, with excellent natural lighting and light fixtures on a dimmer. We had it built once I proved to myself that I was indeed serious about writing.

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  4. Robert, this is easily one of my favorites of yours. Each line and stanza works beautifully. Well done…and Shanith is a gorgeous journal. May have to submit in the future.

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