Dream of Wheels and Lights


Dream of Wheels and Lights

Bells clang in the night. The lamp post belted
by mist offers little comfort. A stone’s
toss away junipers curved like melted
spoons shudder silently. There are no phones
in this place. A thought sneaks into your mind
quietly, like a straw piercing the oak’s
armor in a bad wind. You turn and grind
the thought with your heel. A wheel rolls by, spokes
flashing like scythes. Crouching by a puddle
a man studies his face. He looks at you
and cries: “All I want is to be subtle.”
You think you know him, but you’re not sure who
he used to be. You throw a rock and shout
at him. The wheel slows and the light burns out.

Originally published in Amelia, in 1985, and posted here in March 2015. I remember writing this, but it still puzzles me.


39 thoughts on “Dream of Wheels and Lights

  1. Do you ever have a snippet of something in your head and suddenly realize it’s something that you wrote? And then do you say to yourself, “Wow, I actually wrote that!” You should. This is a really great piece. Memorable. I like the scythes and the spoons and the “subtle”.

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  2. Funny how that works? lol. I have written things that, if I didn’t see it in my own hand-writing, I’d swear someone else wrote it. *sigh* I posted something a while back about writing…

    ugh… here’s a quote, hope you don’t mind… I just can’t seem to say it again any better:

    “Anyone who writes for creativity alone, understands that when you write… truth is relative and has a very short half-life. Thoughts are fluid, and situations change from moment to moment. What is true today, perceptually, sometimes will be incomprehensible a week later… ”

    You may have already read it, but here’s the link: https://canaryinthecoalminebook.wordpress.com/2016/10/28/2411/

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  3. I love the way, so long ago too, you break down the barrier between poetry and prose, and you do so to the point that both inform the other without losing the essence of their own. Thank you for doing this. I really do appreciate the very real artistry.

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