Hmong American Poets

If we don’t seek, how will we learn?

The Academy of American Poets is offering a series, curated by 2016 Walt Whitman winner Mai Der Vang, featuring poems by and discussions with Hmong American poets.

Our country is enriched by its great diversity, yet we too often passively accept only what comes to us. Read these poets. Listen to their words. This is who they are. Who we are.

32 thoughts on “Hmong American Poets

  1. Kinda sad that melting pots mean that sometimes things are lost, diluted, homogenized. I just heard that there is a petition in Kenya for recognition of Asians (mostly western Asians from India) as the 44th tribe in the country.
    Been there 5 generations, since colonial times and still treated and think/feel like foreigners, many of them. Other in their own homeland. Sound familiar?

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  2. Mai Der Vang….”poetry is the country I never had. It is in the terrain of words—their formation on the panorama of a page, their utterances of another world, real and imagined, their silences, as well as their openness to shelter the history and offer asylum to the stories of a landless people—that poetry then becomes my homeland.”—Boom! Right to the heart. Thanks, Robert.

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