Ocean Vuong’s “Self-Portrait as Exit Wounds”

Today’s offering on the Academy of American Poets Poem-a-Day site is Ocean Vuong’s “Self-Portrait as Exit Wounds,” a superb end to a week of immigrant poems by Juan Felipe Herrera, Chen Chen, Solmaz Sharif, and Mai Der Vang.

12 thoughts on “Ocean Vuong’s “Self-Portrait as Exit Wounds”

  1. Thank you for guiding us to this one, Sir Robert! This is the poetry-biz, you know: untold masses profit for generations — but at the expense of the poet’s unfurled heart that beats the moments where music and truth intersect, and hard-won “chops” that articulate the only songs that can save the world from itself.

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  2. Unsettling in its depiction of events taken for granted, by those who suffered through them as well as those who perpetrated them, creating a legacy that speaks of darkness.


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