Water Witching, We Hear




Water Witching, We Hear

The rattle of stalks
along dirt roads,

whispery days
sifting through

you say
patience, my
friend, and again,




48 thoughts on “Water Witching, We Hear

  1. I like the quiet, whispering, parched sounds of this.
    (Here, the thunder is booming, the lightning flashing, and the rain is coming down so heavily that it’s hard to see out the windows. Not that I want drought, but a little bit of quiet would be nice now.)

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  2. Water witching reminds me so much of the time when I moved from Berkeley, California to a spot in the road in central Illinois and watched people witch for water for a new well in our yard. As if by magic the guy found some.

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    • I have used “divining rods” to locate underground utilities. My dad taught me that. I thought he was nutty when he told me what he was going to do. But damned if it didn’t work. And then I tried it and felt the rods turn in my hands. Magnetic forces in electricity, and all that. Still, it was impressive to a skeptic.


  3. I love the images it conjures, that the you who whispers “Patience” might be some dusty scarecrow, some old and experienced farmer, or a even the young and beautiful water witch. By the way, your lovely cards came in today’s post and have been framed.. Thank you,

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  4. “whispery days sifting through parched light…” This describes a lazy afternoon nap in a shady Osaka apartment on an autumn Sunday, the kind where you are so perfectly and cozily half asleep you just can’t bring yourself to get up off of the shikibuton and go to Kyoto like you had planned… instead just remaining blissfully immobile as the fan whispers in the corner and outside the grebes are chattering in a nearby river. Dear God… it is like you have been an invisible watcher over my Kansai days!


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