Recording of “In Praise of Rain”



In Praise of Rain

Which is not to say lightning or hail.
Sometimes I forget to open the umbrella

until my glasses remind me: Wake up, you’re
wet! If scarcity breeds

value, what is a thunderhead worth
in July? A light shower in August?

Even spreadsheets can’t tell us.


“In Praise of Rain” has appeared here several times, but this is the recording’s debut.


22 thoughts on “Recording of “In Praise of Rain”

  1. Marvelous sound (voice and recording acoustics) – a double Okaji dip for my day. Your postcard arrived and blew me away. I would have loved it anyway, but the synchronicity of its arrival was out of bounds. Briefly, I am participating in a Medicine Wheel Writing group – had spent a couple of hours with this week’s podcast “from the East”, written a stream-of-conscious piece about being between visible past and obscure future … folding up the writing thinking perhaps there’s a poem to come on this betweenness. Walked out to get the mail – found your betweenness poem. Mystic and amazing! Many thanks for the beautiful card Might I reference your “The Loneliness of the Last”? On your blog?

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