Recording of “Untitled from 1988”


This first appeared in 1988, in Aileron. At the time I was experimenting with movement and breath and line, and wrote quite a few of these meditations in this form, some more successful than others.

* * *

where breath begins
it ends consider
light its secret

structure the sense
of limit defined
if a hand

recalls what the
eye cannot which
is the source

of remembrance one
touches more deeply
or allows itself

to be touched
a difference only
in the approach


7 thoughts on “Recording of “Untitled from 1988”

  1. I considered your reply on the recent post of this, in which you wondered about differences in your reading, from past to present – and now I wonder.

    As usual, listening while rereading resulted in closer scrutiny, and I must say your choice of photo, with both hand and Braille, is a perfect fit.

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