Ode to Bacon

Ode to Bacon

How you lend
to others,

enhancing even
the sweetest fig
in your embrace
over coals,

or consider
your rendered
self, how it

deepens flavor
with piggish
essence, coating

or absorbed,
blended or
sopped. O belly
of delight, o wonder
of tongues,

how could I not
love you
and your infinite
charms, even

when you resist
my efforts and
shoot sizzling bits

of yourself
onto my naked
hands? I pay

this toll
today and

next year
and all those
days to follow,

till the last piece
is swallowed
and our sun
goes dark.

becomes you,
smoked beauty,
salted love,

and I shall never
put you down
or leave you

on a plate
to be discarded
or forgotten,


With thanks to T.S. Wright, for her challenge.


51 thoughts on “Ode to Bacon

  1. So awesome. This was so awesome. You have exemplified bacon love so succinctly. Even down to the grease pops that bite back but leave you undeterred. I am so happy. I was subscribed to your site before and somehow it was undone. I have missed the poetry.

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  2. I just want you to know that just now as I was turning over a certain fragrant and integral ingredient for my southwestern smoked turkey tortilla wraps, I found myself saying “O belly of delight, o wonder of tongues…” πŸ™‚

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