Recording of “Magic”



I’m experimenting with recording. This is a slightly revised version of the one I posted a while back, with a little music added. It’s not quite where I want it to be, but hey, I’m learning.

“Magic” is included in my forthcoming chapbook, From Every Moment a Second (prepublication orders taken here), and was first published in Taos Journal of International Poetry and Art.

Please note:  prepublication sales determine the print run, which means this stage is crucial in terms of how many copies will be printed and the number of copies I’ll receive as payment. So if you feel inclined and are able to help me in this commercial endeavor, please purchase your copy during this period, which runs through August 11. The book’s tentative release date is October 6.

12 thoughts on “Recording of “Magic”

  1. Oh, I like this version. And nice harmonics to end on. 🙂 (I suspect that no matter how long I’ve been playing guitar/ukulele, whenever I hit them just right, I’ll always grin like a fool. But I do that with words too!)

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    • Thanks, Sunshine. And funny that you mentioned the harmonics. I don’t know how many times I had to record that part. Kept screwing up. Finally decided to give it one more try before leaving them out altogether. And yeah, I grinned. Ha!

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