How they share our
desires, shape
our days.

Passion to hope,
fingertips to
lips. Some bud

easily, others
struggle. A little
water, light, a kind

voice. Sometimes so
little achieves
so much. Yesterday’s

sunflower droops on
the sill. Today’s promise
arrives with rain.


“Flowers” last appeared on the blog in September 2015.

38 thoughts on “Flowers

      • Rbt, since we’re both flogging our recent poetry collections, you wanna do a trade, from our private stashes? Since my publisher gets no benefit from mutual give-aways, I’ll BUY your book and you buy mine? From the poems you’ve been posting here, I think I’d like your book. You might like mine ($13, which includes postage). Check it out on my website Thanks.

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  1. Robert, I enjoy your poems very much. What inspires you to write? Anything in particular? Time of day? Do you feel like you have always been a poet? If this is too personal then I understand if you don’t choose to answer. I am just curious about other poets.

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    • Thanks, Ali. Not too personal at all. I came to poetry rather late – in my 20s, after I left the Navy and during my last year at college. I believed I was a fiction writer, and took a poetry writing course because I thought it might help my prose. At that point I couldn’t have named five contemporary poets, and knew nothing about poetry. But somehow poetry took over. Nowadays, three decades later, I try to write every day. Nothing in particular inspires me, or perhaps I should say everything inspires me, particularly the ordinary things we may barely notice in our goings around. I have many questions, and poetry helps me frame them. Alas, I have few answers.

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